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  • Fondecyt Iniciación No. 11200897, ANID, Chile. Project: "Grounds and degrees of moral status from a welfare perspective" 2020-2023 (Principal Investigator)

  • Mcmaster Covid-19 Research Fund, Canada. Project: “The Impact of priority setting on pandemic preparedness and response: A Global comparative analysis of the role of priority setting and equity during the COVID-19 pandemic” 2020-2021 (Colaborator)

  • Internal Research Fund 2017, Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile. Project: “Estatus Moral: indagación en  las capacidades psicológicas constitutivas del concepto ético de persona” 2017-2018 (Principal Investigator).


Medical Ethics
Research Ethics
Priority setting
Animal Ethics
Philosophy of Mind

Animal ethics: Empirical and theoretical perspectives on our relation to other animal species (in Spanish). Co-edited with Alberto Lecaros and Erick Valdés. Editorial Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Madrid, Spain)


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